Ilhan Omar Pushes For More Refugees To Be Dumped Into United States

( Far-left Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar used the Afghanistan crisis as an opportunity to make the case for importing more Democrat voters over the weekend, calling the evacuation of tens of thousands of Afghan citizens – often prioritized over Americans – as “[email protected]

Speaking to MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan, Omar praised President Joe Biden’s widely-criticized withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan that saw substantial numbers of American military personnel murdered by Jihadists, and which has now resulted in hundreds of Americans being left stranded in the country with no way to return home.

Hasan asked Omar if she was “surprised” by Biden’s commitment to ending the war, to which she said she was and that the “level of evacuation” performed by the administration is “inspiring” and that there is “important work that’s getting done.”

At some point, you’ve got to ask whether Democrats actually want people to live in their own countries, or if they want the entire world to become the United States?

On Saturday, the White House attempted to paint their frantic evacuation of Afghans, Americans, and allies from Afghanistan following the implementation of an August 31 deadline by the Taliban. The White House announced that 111,900 people had been evacuated from the country, and once the withdrawal was complete, President Biden addressed the nation and praised the largest airlift in world history.

Is that something he is proud of?

Omar followed the same line, saying that even after the terrorist attack outside Kabul airport, they continued to airlift – but didn’t acknowledge that the frantic evacuation wouldn’t have been necessary if Americans had been safely evacuated before withdrawing the military.

On the issue of bringing huge numbers of Afghans into the United States, Omar said that the U.S owes it to the people of Afghanistan to keep the promise that they will “protect everyone” that was made vulnerable because of the mission.

According to Omar’s logic, if a Democrat president screws up a military withdrawal, they get to reward themselves by importing tens of thousands of potential new voters.