Ilhan Omar Blames Minneapolis Crime Spike On Police

( Far-left congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who has long defended and promoted the concept of defunding the police, recently used a town hall discussion to wrongly claim that a crime surge in her state was caused by a “dysfunctional police department” that has chosen “to not fulfill their oath of office.”

Interesting. Does she support a strong police force or not?

In the discussion, which was caught on camera (possibly to her surprise), Omar claimed that people must recognize that a reduction in policing in her city and the lawlessness that people are witnessing are “due to two things.”

The first, she said, is that the police are choosing not to fulfill their oath of office and provide the people of the state the “public safety they are owed.”

What? Does she want to defund the police departments or not?

The second, she claimed, is that there “has to be accountability and someone that is actually taking responsibility for what the police does and doesn’t do.”


“And that doesn’t exist at this moment, and I do believe that the current charter that we have, that’s tied the hands of those who want to have that accountability,” she added.

See for yourself:

Don’t forget that only last year, Omar was calling the Minneapolis Police Department “rotten to the root” and said that the “defund the police” movement is “not a slogan but a policy demand.”

Will Omar or any member of the Squad admit their blatant hypocrisy at this point? Or will this be glossed over forever?

Incredible. Just incredible.