Ilegal Immigration Has Aggravated Housing Crisis, Experts Reveal

The issue of illegal immigration remains at the forefront of the American political conversation heading into the months leading up to what will most likely be a closely contested 2024 general presidential election set to occur in November 2024. The incumbent president Joe Biden has come under fire from many Republicans for what they have deemed his inept handling of massive surges of illegal migrants arriving at the United States southern border with Mexico. A recent article published by the New York Post alleges that the migrant backlog will surpass 8 million individuals by the fall of 2024, showcasing just how dangerous the problem has become. It is estimated by the post that the number of illegal migrants living in the United States has increased by over 167% in 5 years.

The problem of illegal migration has further exacerbated a significant housing crisis in the United States. Indeed, during a time in which many Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck on a week to week basis, state governments (and even the federal government) have routinely allocated taxpayer funds to provide food, clothing, and housing for these foreign illegals. Many individuals have rightly expressed sentiments of distrust and insult towards their government institutions, and many Americans have felt betrayed by the servants that are supposed to be acting in their own best interests. One town in Colorado with fewer than 7,000 residents are being priced out of their community as the area becomes ripe with tourists- and the demand for housing has worsened as over 80 Venezuelan males arrived and set up camp under a bridge.

The surge of illegal immigrants continues, and housing shortages worsen. The country currently has a shortage of about 4 to 7 million homes. Income hasn’t kept up with the cost of living increases, further worsening the problem. One individual working for the Heritage Foundation correctly stated that importing millions of migrants exacerbates this issue.