Hunter Biden’s Wife Claims Laptop From Hell Doesn’t Exist

( Melissa Cohen, the wife of disgraced “First Son” of the United States Hunter Biden, has claimed that the infamous and well-known “Laptop From Hell” doesn’t actually exist.

Cohen told the brazen lie as the pair were leaving the Manhattan art gallery, where Hunter Biden was displaying his amateur artwork that he is selling for as much as $500,000 per work. She told journalists that the laptop, which was first reported on by the New York Post and contained photographs and videos of Biden having sex with very young-looking prostitutes and smoking crack cocaine at the same time, just didn’t exist.

Wrong. It does. And we’ve all seen the images.

When journalists asked Hunter, “Did you get your laptop back?”, Cohen snapped back.

“It doesn’t exist,” she said, while her husband added, “there’s always a smart-ass in the bunch.”

Smart ass? It’s a question.

Nobody knows whether Hunter Biden got his laptop back, and Hunter Biden still hasn’t admitted it was his. But the laptop contained emails between him and his business associates in Ukraine and China, revealed how his father Joe Biden was benefitting from those business deals and showed the extent to which his troubling behavior went.

The laptop was seized by the FBI in April of 2019 after Biden abandoned it at a Delaware computer store. After failing to return to the store the laptop became the property of the store owner – and after checking the disturbing contents, he chose to hand it over to the authorities.

Why do Democrats get away with so blatantly lying?