Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Devon Archer Sentenced to One Year in Prison

( Hunter Biden, the disgraced “First Son” of the United States who still hasn’t divested from his 10% equity stake in Chinese investment fund Bohai Harvest RST, is in the news again after it was revealed that his former business partner was sentenced to one year in prison.

Devon Archer was sentenced to a year in prison last Monday for his involvement in a scheme that would have defrauded a Native American tribe of around $60 million.

Judge Ronnie Abrams of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, also ordered Archer to pay $43,427,436 in restitution for his crimes, and to forfeit an additional $15,700,513.

Hunter Biden previously worked closely with a company owned by Archer, Burnham Financial Group. They worked together mostly between 2014 and 2016, according to information obtained by The Daily Mail.

Archer was one of three executives from the Burnham Financial Group company to be convicted of working to defraud the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe in 2018. The company defrauded the tribe out of bond proceeds owed to them.

We have to be clear here and explain that Hunter Biden was not involved in the fraud or charged with any crimes, but he’s not completely uninvolved with it either. Reports suggest that he did help broker an unrelated deal for the company with the Chinese equity fund he holds a 10% stake in. His attorneys insist that he had zero involvement or knowledge of the fraud.

“As soon as Hunter learned of the illegal conduct, and that his name was being used in this unauthorized and inappropriate manner, Hunter took immediate steps to ensure that his business interests would not be associated with the Burnham Group or with any of the defendants,” his attorney said.

He would say that, though, wouldn’t he?