Hunter Biden Made Millions After Meeting With His Father

( Once again, the New York Post has revealed more proof that President Joe Biden’s repeated claims about never discussing his son Hunter’s business deals were lies.

In an explosive report last week, the Post reported that Hunter met with his dad on multiple occasions while working for a Romanian real estate developer and the timing of those meetings raises doubt about Joe’s claim that he was never involved with Hunter’s dirty deals.

In the spring of 2015, Hunter began working with Romanian real estate mogul Gabriel Popoviciu who wanted Hunter to help him avoid conviction on corruption charges related to a land purchase.

According to someone familiar with the arrangements between Hunter and Popoviciu, the younger Biden didn’t just work for him through his law firm. He also had a side deal with the Romanian that brought in millions for himself and his associates.

Between July 2015 and March 2016, Hunter met with his father three times to discuss helping Popoviciu.

On the first occasion in July 2015, Hunter spoke with former FBI director Louis Freeh just hours after meeting with his dad at the Naval Observatory, the vice presidential residence. Freeh was also helping Popoviciu with his legal troubles.

In November of that year, Hunter had breakfast with his father two days after returning from a trip to Romania.

And in March 2016, Hunter met with the US Ambassador to Romania on the same day he met with his dad at the Naval Observatory.

During that same time, Joe also had frequent meetings with Biden family confidante Mark Gitenstein who served as Obama’s ambassador to Romania from 2009 to 2012. Gitenstein had also been enlisted by Popoviciu to help him with his legal troubles.

Hunter also met with Gitenstein about Popoviciu on four separate occasions in 2015 and 2016.

But sure, Joe Biden never discussed any of his son’s business dealings.

Read the detailed report from the New York Post HERE.