Hunter Biden Legal Team Pulls Strange Last-Minute Move

According to a report, Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is facing federal allegations of tax avoidance and firearms violations. His legal team seemed to have used a dirty tactic to prevent the release of damaging evidence.

House Ways and Means Committee submitted an amicus brief with Delaware US District Judge Maryellen Noreika, asserting that the 53-year-old had benefited from a political intervention that calls into doubt the legitimacy of the investigation into charges of failing to register as a foreign agent, felony tax evasion, and money laundering The document comprised transcripts of interviews with two IRS whistleblowers conducted in May and June.

Theodore Kittila, the committee’s chief attorney, detailed what transpired next in a letter he submitted to the court on Tuesday afternoon.

Kittila said they received notice that their filing had been removed from the docket at approximately 1:30 p.m.  After inquiring about the matter with the Clerk’s office, they learned that someone messaged the Court claiming they served with his office and requested that the document be removed from the docket. Kitlia’s office quickly told them they were wrong, and they re-submitted the paperwork.  

Kittila included emails he had exchanged with the court and Hunter Biden’s lawyers in the new filing.

Despite the whistleblower testimony being available for over a month, Hunter Biden’s lawyers sought to argue in a confrontation with Kittila that the file included sensitive tax and identifying information.

Even though they had not officially filed any motion for the sealing of evidence, Noreika ordered Hunter’s lawyers until 9 p.m. to show a reason why penalties should not be taken into account for deceptions against the Court.

Judge Maryellen Noreika ordered that no further contact be made between Hunter Biden’s attorneys and court clerks.

A report reveals that Hunter Biden’s legal team was despondent after a plea arrangement to help the president’s son escape jail exploded in a tumultuous, three-hour court session on Wednesday.  And after a couple of hours of questioning,  Judge Noreika still wasn’t sure whether the suggested plea offer arrangement was Constitutionally legal.