Hunter Biden Helps Bio Firm Partner With Ukraine

( Emails reviewed by the New York Post appear to confirm part of Russia’s claim that Hunter Biden’s company was financing bio-labs in Ukraine.

The emails, contained in Hunter’s infamous abandoned laptop reveal that Hunter’s investment fund did have a role in raising money for a US company conducting bio-lab projects in Ukraine.

In 2014, Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners invested $500,000 in a California pathogen research company called Metabiota. Rosemont Seneca also raised millions more through other firms including Goldman Sachs.

Hunter also introduced Metabiota to officials from the Ukrainian gas company Burisma regarding a “science project” conducted at bio-labs in Ukraine.

Two months after Russia invaded Crimea, Metabiota VP Mary Guttieri emailed Hunter about geopolitical issues involving the company’s research in Ukraine. Guttieri provided a memo outlining how Metabiota can “potentially leverage” their work in Ukraine to “assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia” to further integrate Ukraine into the West.

Metabiota’s connection to the then-Vice President’s son paid off. Later that same year, the US government awarded Metabiota $23.9 million, with $307,091 allocated for research projects in Ukraine.

In emails on Hunter’s laptop, the younger Biden bragged to investors about what his company was able to accomplish for Metabiota.

A former CIA officer told the UK Daily Mail that it should raise eyebrows that Russian propaganda is exploiting Hunter’s involvement with a company working on bioweapons research.

Former CIA officer Sam Faddis told the Daily Mail that it isn’t surprising that the Russians would take advantage of this information, but that doesn’t make the information any less concerning.

Faddis said it begs the question of why “the disgraced son of the vice president” is at the heart of this when he has no “discernable skills and a cocaine habit.”

Moscow has used its claim that the United States is operating secret bio-weapons labs in Ukraine as a justification for its invasion. The Kremlin recently doubled down on the accusation, alleging that the labs were producing biochemical weapons and the Biden family was aware of the activity.