Hundreds Attend PRO-POLICE Peaceful Protest in North Carolina

( Democrats don’t seem to know what a peaceful protest looks like, do they? All we ever hear about the Black Lives Matter riots is that they’re “mostly peaceful” but when compared to a recent “Back the Blue” rally in North Carolina, the difference is stark. Hundreds of people attended a pro-police rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Saturday and it was totally peaceful and respectful.

No riots. No violence. No destruction, and no criminal activity. This was a gathering of hundreds of peaceful, patriotic Americans signaling their support and thanks to law enforcement officers who have come under attack by radical leftists and Democrats in recent months.

Speaking to the News & Observer, rally attendee Keri Warner said the police “get so much crap, literally, thrown at them daily.”

“They just need support and need to know what they are doing is worth it,” she added.

The peaceful gathering was organized by Back the Blue NC, a Facebook group with more than 40,000 members. The group’s “about” section describes how they want to support law enforcement “heroes.”

“Given the current state of the union, praise and admiration of our law enforcement officers has been quickly replaced with slander and violent opposition,” it reads. “We are here to show our support of our heroes and to speak up on their behalf. We are no longer the Silent Majority.”

Another attendee, Celia Croff, told local news that she believed police officers shouldn’t be targeted for wearing their uniforms and expressed her belief that their lives matter too.

“People not supporting them, people thinking that they’re all bad people, so it’s time that the community comes out and shows our law enforcement and first responders the support that they need and deserve,” she said.

Gadi Adelman, the chairman of the group, also said that police officers place a target on their back every day they put on a badge and go to work.

“We need to let them know that there are people that support them and want to thank them for their service,” Adelman added.

Compare this footage to recent Black Lives Matter protests and ask yourself…are the Democrats telling you the truth when they call them peaceful protests?