Hostages Taken In Fight Over Ukraine 

( There is a group of Russians that are fight in the Ukraine war against their home country called the Russian Volunteer Corps, or the RDK. 

Recently, this group claimed to have been able to cross into Russia to attack various Russian military installations. 

State-run media in Russia claimed that a group of what they called Ukrainian “saboteurs” crossed into Bryansk Oblast, an area that borders both Belarus and Ukraine, to engage in firefights. The media outlet said the RDK took many people hostage and inflicted casualties among civilians as well. 

The reports were quickly dismissed by Ukrainian officials as a false flag being flown by Russia. 

RDK members took to their channel on social media platform Telegram to confirm that some of its fighters crossed the border into Russia. However, they denied that they took any hostages or targeted civilians in the process. 

The post on Telegram included a video from the group that showed two men who were armed and holding a flag for RDK, with the men stationed in front of a Russian post box. They declared that the reports of them killing civilians and taking hostages were both “a lie of the Kremlin propagandists.” 

The RDK promised that they would upload more videos of their operation when they took some. The post read: 

“The Russian Volunteer Corps came to the Bryansk region to show their compatriots that there is hope, that free Russian people with weapons in their hands can fight the regime.” 

iStories, an investigative news site in Russia, issued a report recently that quoted an anonymous member of the RDK fighters who was part of the recent ambush. There were 45 fighters who took part and “went in, filmed, ambushed two BMPs [Russian-made fighting vehicles]. 

“I didn’t see any children. But, there was one injured border guard.”  

The member also said the group didn’t take hostages during the ambush. 

Last summer, members formed the RDK so they could help Ukraine to fight Russia as part of the ongoing invasion. The group doesn’t release any information about the strength of its fighting force. It’s believed to be comprised largely of emigres who live in Ukraine and are hostile toward the Kremlin. 

This is what makes RDK different from some other Russian units that favor Ukraine, such as the Freedom of Russia Legion. That group recruits prisoners of war from Russia.  

Denis, who is a commander in the RDK, told Vot Tak TV in Russia back in August of 2022 that they select soldiers based on the political outlook that they have. Generally speaking, the group subscribes to ideology that would be categorized as right wing.  

Members of the group have also been known to use some symbols from the Russian Liberation Army, a group from World War II that collaborated with the Nazis in Germany in their fight against the then-Soviet Union. 

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, appeared on TV after this ambush by the RDK, calling it a “terrorist attack.”