Hospital Gender Procedures On Minors Are Suddenly Being Changed

( The healthcare centers that were exposed for performing surgical and chemical mutilation on minors have consistently responded by quickly removing publicly available information about the practice from their websites.

In short, when they got exposed, they tried to cover their tracks.

According to Jay Richards from the Heritage Foundation, none of the exposés carried out by activists like Christopher Rufo, Matt Walsh, and Libs of TikTok came from a “hidden camera operation.” Instead, these activists found everything they needed on the hospitals’ websites.

These hospitals proudly advertised what they were doing. But once activists noticed, the hospitals scrambled to erase all evidence.

Activist James Lindsay believes hospitals never expected a public backlash for performing so-called “gender-affirming care” for children. And now that they did get a backlash, Lindsay suspects they will continue to perform the procedures, but “more secretly” because “they think they have what amounts to a divine mandate to do it.”

Jay Richards agrees. He told the Daily Caller that the reaction to being exposed shows a lack of self-awareness on the part of healthcare providers over just how unpopular the practice of performing these procedures on children really is.

So when the public responds with outrage, Richards said, “they panic and try to hide what, the day before, they were advertising.”

After Boston Children’s Hospital was exposed for promoting “gender-affirming” surgeries like vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty and phalloplasty chest reconstruction, and breast augmentation for kids as young as 17 on its website, the hospital scrubbed the details from its website and updated the page to say the surgeries are “only performed on patients 18 and older.”

And because Boston Children’s Hospital quietly updated its website, Politifact was able to rate the claim that they performed these surgeries on minors as “false.”

But even with the hospitals trying to hide what they’re doing, Jay Richards has a sense of hope. He told the Daily Caller that while hospitals believe on one level that they are helping troubled teens, on another level, they know that what they are doing is “shameful and must be hidden.”