Hollywood Star Noami Watts Reveals Cause of Father’s Death

A touching Father’s Day homage to Naomi Watts’s late father, Peter, was posted on social media by the actress. The 55-year-old King Kong actress shared an Instagram photo of her father on Sunday. 

Her dad was best known for being Pink Floyd’s road manager and sound engineer.

In the posted photo, her dad gazes at the camera while lounging on a bed, his long, straight hair falling loosely about his shoulders. She captioned it, saying that she missed him and to have a heavenly Father’s Day.

When Naomi was seven years old, Peter sadly passed away at the age of 31 from what seemed to be a drug overdose.

Naomi has said in interviews that the loss of her renowned father will be something she will never get over. She added that as a 55-year-old woman, she still wishes she’d had her dad there to talk to at different points in her life, wishing he could have been there to encourage her when she had good and bad times.

At the age of four, Myfanwy (Miv), who was Peter and Naomi’s mother and a costume designer, filed for a divorce. Pink Floyd sent her a few thousand pounds to help get them through after Peter’s death.

It wasn’t easy, but Naomi Watts’s upbringing of constantly shifting locations and adapting to new circumstances set her up for a successful acting career.

Watts said having grown up losing a dad at a very early age, you sacrifice a portion of who you are; there’s a part of you that feels incomplete.

Naomi’s mom, Miv, had previously said in interviews that his death “left scars, saying that it is tragic for anyone, but particularly for a young daughter like Naomi, who relied on her father figure. She said that everyone was completely unaware that he was abusing heroin.

Peter Watts was utilized for some background vocals on the album Dark Side of the Moon.

Naomi went on to feature in several films, including Mulholland Drive and Peter Jackson’s King Kong.