Hollywood Star Comes Out Against Cancel Culture

(PatrioticPost.com)- Mark Wahlberg’s latest movie is the true story about boxer-turned-priest Stuart Long,
Wahlberg, who has spoken at length about his newfound Catholic faith, says that cancel culture drives people to “lose hope and have no faith.”

The Hollywood star feels this film sends an unambiguous message- we are not going to give up on people and not going to turn our backs on folks because they’ve made errors. The movie informs people and encourages them to believe that no one is beyond salvation and that we support, love, and accept people for who they are.

“There’s nothing worse than realizing that no one cares,” says Wahlberg.

Wahlberg said people are ready to turn their backs on others. Negativity has been emphasized so that it’s tough to remind people of the significance of loving and supporting people.

“People are capable of extraordinary things,” he says.

Wahlberg also praised God for Father Stu getting the green light to be made and hoped his legacy would represent a life of Christian positivism and utilize his career for good and do God’s work.

The devout actor explained that all he has to do is convert one person, and he’ll be able to enter the pearly gates. If he can keep doing that and doing it for the right reasons, he’d much rather have that as his legacy than becoming the world’s biggest box office star.

See clips of Father Stu HERE.

Mark Wahlberg suggested in 2017, following President Trump’s election, that celebrities should stay out of politics. He remarked that Hollywood exists in a bubble and is largely disconnected from the average individual who is just trying to provide for his family.

Wahlberg claims he has never gone out of his way to talk about politics, but he does have strong opinions. And when a president is elected, we should all join together and rally behind them to ensure that they have the best opportunity of succeeding.