Hollywood Icon Confesses To Drinking Blood For “Ritual”

(PatrioticPost.com)- Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have recently discussed that they ingest each other’s blood because they believe it strengthens their bond. Even though this is not traditional conduct in Hollywood, the engaged couple has always followed their path. As a result, a right-wing news organization is taking this newfound knowledge about their relationship to an entirely new level, which many would consider extreme.
On Thursday, an OAN (One America News) commentator went on a rampage about the pair’s blood-drinking practices, accusing them of practicing satanism. The couple has denied the charges against them.
The OAN claim was that the Hollywood couple affected the brains of an entire generation of adolescents since they tell you what they do, what they practice, and their rituals. This is a culture in an age that has abandoned God and has removed God from every aspect of life. You create a need in society, and Satan readily fills that void. We have Hollywood elites who practice swallowing each other’s blood to maintain their bond.
The United States comprises many diverse citizens who practice religions other than Christianity, and it is highly doubtful that the whole entertainment industry will line up to join Fox and MGK in drinking blood and bonding for life. A good reason why our founding fathers battled for the separation of church and state is that they believed it was necessary.
In addition, while Fox and MGK are a weird couple, they aren’t trying to set up a new trend or form a new satanic cult.
Fox said she guesses that drinking each other’s blood might mislead people, or people might imagine them with goblets, drinking each other’s blood like in Game of Thrones. On occasion, we do ingest each other’s blood for ritual purposes alone, and it is only a few drops at a time.
Because of OAN, this conversation regarding Fox and MGK is garnering far more attention than it probably deserves. However, it now draws even more attention to the couple, who have never shied away from the spotlight, and they are probably enjoying the topic just for its shock value.