Hillary Clinton Blasted For “Black Servant” At Event

(PatrioticPost.com)- The elitists were back in New York this week in their most expensive finery to attend the annual Met Gala. And just like last year’s gala, the rich and famous went maskless while the staff wore masks.

Among those in attendance at Monday’s “let them eat cake” event was 2016 loser, Hillary Clinton. Hillary turned up on the red carpet wearing enough make-up to stock a Walgreens and a gown even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth would consider a bit over the top.

But one particular photo of Hillary on the red carpet caught the eye of Twitter users. In it, Mrs. Clinton is posing for the cameras as a black man in a mask kneels at her feet adjusting the hem of her gown.

Talk about bad optics.

In no time, the photo went viral with Twitter users comparing the image to a Southern belle and her black manservant.

Libertarian radio host Austin Petersen tweeted out the picture and noted that from the Antebellum South to Jim Crow to today, Democrats in America haven’t changed much.

But mostly, people marveled at yet another example of how America’s ruling class exempts itself from the very COVID rules it demands we little people obey.

UK reporter Dominique Samuels tweeted out the photo and noted that this is how “COVID theater” works. “Have the elite swanning about” while “the lowly servers must mask up.”

The funny thing is, the elites never seem bothered by the optics of this, which may explain why they just keep doing it.

Only two days before the Met Gala, celebrities, reporters, and politicians were gathering in Washington for the White House Correspondents’ dinner. And like the Met, the servers were masked while the partying elites were not.