Hill Reporter Says Democrats Could Use Hologram To Replace Biden Speeches

(PatrioticPost.com)- Just after former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris told a New York radio station that it is “inevitable” that Democrats would invoke the 25th Amendment to replace President Joe Biden with Kamala Harris, a reporter from The Hill suggested that the White House may use holograms to help the aging president deliver speeches.

Just how low are the Democrats’ expectations for this president?

The Hill reporter Sharyl Attkisson said that officials in the Biden administration are seriously “mulling over farfetched speculation that, upon further examination, starts to look almost like it is not completely outside the realm of the possible.”

Biden famously relied heavily on teleprompters throughout his 2020 campaign, even using them when answering questions from the media. And there were countless moments where he couldn’t remember his lines, wasn’t sure where he is, or was seen visibly indicating to the people controlling the teleprompter that they needed to move it faster.

So maybe it’s not that crazy after all.

Atkisson claimed that a government source with access to high level intelligence told her some years ago that “any technological thing we can imagine is actually being researched or accomplished in the secret channels of our government.”

“And, he told me, things that are beyond our ability to imagine are also being done,” she added.

And then here’s where it got even weirder.

“Joe Biden isn’t a hologram. But if he wanted to be, and if powerful people with access to the latest technology wanted to make him one, it seems as though there might be little they couldn’t accomplish,” she said.

Democrats should be rightly concerned about Biden’s ability to host press conferences, given his track record on getting confused about where he is. And it seems like they already are.

The new president broke a century-old record by going longer than any of his 15 most recent predecessors without giving a press conference after entering the White House.

“Former President George W. Bush waited 33 days into his tenure to hold a press conference, the previous record. Most other presidents held them within days or weeks. Former President Donald Trump held his first 27 days into his time in office,” The Week reported.

Once pushed on the issue, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that the president had attended more than 40 question and answer sessions, and failed to offer an exact date on when the president will actually take unscripted questions from the press.

We’ll just have to wait and see if he’s a hologram.