Here’s Why Pelosi Really Tore Up Trump’s Speech

( Even after all this time, people are still talking about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s disgraceful tearing up of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech. According to a new book by journalist Susan Page, Pelosi made tears in the document for every “lie” former President Trump told.

Acts which were themselves lies, as House Speaker Pelosi couldn’t prove any claim made by the president to be a lie.

The new book, “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power,” also revealed that Pelosi tore up the speech in anger because she was promised a big announcement on healthcare or opioids – only for the president to infuriate her by giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh.

That’s some incredible trolling.

The book describes how Vice President Mike Pence told the Speaker that she was “going to be very happy about what he says tonight,” when she asked about healthcare.

During the speech, President Trump slammed the Medicare-for-all proposals put forward by Democrats, and described the incredible achievements his administration made in curbing opioid use – an issue close to the former president’s heart and one his administration paid particular attention to.

Page described that Pelosi “felt her temperature rising” – not uncommon for the notoriously partisan and angry House Speaker.

“I thought, ‘this page is so full of lies, I want to be able to come back to it,’” Pelosi told Page, explaining how she made tears in the paper to mark the spot.

‘She made a little tear in the next page to mark another assertion she saw as untrue. And the next. By the time he was halfway through the speech, it occurred to her that she might just as well tear the whole thing in half, but she wasn’t ready to decide that yet,’ Page writes.

And it was at the end of the speech, when the president received applause from Congress, that Pelosi chose to take the unprecedented and disgraceful action of tearing up the speech. She also told Page that she felt “liberated.”

“I’m ever gracious and respectful of the office, if not the person,” Pelosi claimed. “I’m not beyond that in partisanship or something, but not telling the truth, that was just beyond.”

It was the moment that much of the nation realized just how partisan this House Speaker is, and the new explanation of how it happened probably won’t change anyone’s minds about that.