Harris Calls For COVID “Accountability” While Failing To Mention China

(PatrioticPost.com)- Far-left Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday attempted to improve her public image by calling on foreign nations to embrace “transparency” and “accountability” on the COVID-19 pandemic but stopped short of naming names.

And by that, we mean she didn’t specifically call out China.

While President Joe Biden was busy announcing the news that $250 million will be donated by the United States federal government to a new World Bank pandemic preparedness fund, along with a further $850 million from Congress, Harris was appearing on camera demanding that we learn from our mistakes in this pandemic and “ensure transparency.”

First of all…where does Joe Biden keep getting this money from? The United States is set to default on its debt obligations unless Congress raises the debt ceiling, but he still managed to find $250 million.


Secondly, why is Vice President Harris calling on countries that have already been entirely transparent about their COVID-19 infection numbers?

Is she scared of calling out communist China?

Harris told a web conference organized by the United Nations that the United States “supports a global health threats council” that will “monitor progress and identify gaps.” She described it as a step that must be taken to ensure that the world’s political leaders are prepared for this to happen again.

Calling out China directly would be a good start if Vice President Harris really does want to see her approval ratings go up.