Hacking Group Removed From Twitter

Hacking organization Anonymous claimed one of its accounts on Twitter was deleted for exposing Elon Musk-disapproved articles. 

Anonymous declares it has targeted Canada’s Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, claiming they were not the tolerant far leftist.

Another deleted tweet criticized  Poilievre for opposing wealth taxes and stock option loopholes. 

According to a report, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, the next hopeful prime minister of Canada, went after the ‘woke’ establishment. The know-nothing experts and elites proved wrong about crime and social chaos.

The report shows Pierre Poilievre attacked the NDP and Liberals’ radical “woke” anti-police agenda in an interview.  He said the agenda advocates permanent homeless encampments,  taxpayer-funded narcotics, and letting repeat offenders commit crimes. The radical agenda blames society for everyone’s actions.

Poilievre sees how Ottawa and local leaders have attempted this agenda which only unleashed anarchy, drugs, violence, and disorder throughout Canada.

He explained that Canadians saw their bold experiments’ results and wanted no more of them. Only Common sense is the answer.  The data disprove elitist academicians who said the Conservative strategy for dealing with crime was too simplistic. The Conservative leader reiterates his support for jailing repeat violent criminals, banning heavy narcotics, and treating addicts.

Pierre Poilievre said he likes to point out that Canada is home to what he refers to as the misery trade. The only way for there to be advocates and activists, as well as authorities and bureaucracies, that get funds to address these issues is if the problems continue to become worse.

He believes the woke activists claim that there are programs to combat crime and drug use, but because they were utter failures, they want to blow out the budget and bring on more employees to carry out the same activities that were horrible failures.

According to the report, Poilievre then argued that when it relates to the top radical wokeists bent on making wrong choices, Canada needs to dismiss them and cast them out of public policies.