Gun Owners Targeted In Terrifying New Legislation

New Mexico Democratic Governor Michelle Lujuan Grisham has launched an attack on gun owners in her state.

On Monday, Grisham announced that she would encourage the Legislature in New Mexico – which is run by Democrats – to consider passing regulations statewide that mirror one proposal that some U.S. senators have put forth that they say would reduce the ability of shooters to fire off many rounds in just a few seconds, and then attach additional magazines so they can continue firing.
The federal proposal law, called the Go Safe Act, was put forth by Democratic senators including Martin Heinrich, who represents New Mexico. Firearms that fit into the description of the bill use high-pressured gas as an internal cycling to continue firing.

If the bill were to be approved, all weapons that are classified as assault-style would need to have their magazines permanently fixed to them. They’d also be limited to having 10 rounds for rifles, as well as 15 rounds for some pistols that are termed heavy-format.

Grisham held a press conference this week at the state Capitol where she spoke about the law, and wanting to do something similar in New Mexico. She said:

“I’ve got a set of lawmakers that are more likely than not to have a fair debate about guns, gun violence, weapons of war and keeping New Mexicans safe than members of Congress are. We will have to see how those votes all shake out.”

Several states have proposed bans on different kind of assault rifles, yet many of them are being faced with legal challenges.

In June, the Supreme Court expanded gun rights broadly, in the process overturning a law in New York that restricted how people could carry guns legally in public. About six other states that had similar laws in place were affected by that ruling.

In response to the high court ruling, those states and New York have worked to pass additional restrictions on guns that would put more limitations in place but still comply with the court’s decision.

Recently, the New Mexico governor suspended people’s rights to carry a gun at playgrounds and public parks in the largest metro region of the state. She used an emergency public health order to do that, after a number of shootings – one that resulted in an 11-year-old boy being killed near a minor league baseball stadium.

There were many public protest run by gun rights advocacy groups in response, and there are legal challenges that have been filed in federal court as well.

The police chief and sheriff in Albuquerque refused to enforce that order, though, and it has since been scaled back from its original form.

In January, the state Legislature in New Mexico will convene for 30 days, but their primary focus will be on the budget. That being said, the governor can ask the lawmakers to consider other bills during that session.

It’s possible that gun control measures are brought up during that early-year session.