Gun Industry Is Booming Amid Democrat Agenda Targeting Gun Owners

( A news article claims that three new gun control measures passed by Democrat Washington Governor Jay Inslee in March resulted in a sharp rise in gun sales.

In an effort to reduce gun crime and sales of firearms, one of the new rules would prohibit the production, distribution, and sale of magazines that carry more than ten rounds, according to news reports.
However, an interview with a source indicates that it has simply led to a rise in firearms purchases.

Rehv Arms co-owner Jody Lewis remarked that their sales have been outstanding. They’ve seen a 100 percent boost from magazine increases. They can’t keep them in stock. They simply disappear a day or two after the shop gets them, according to local news. People have been stockpiling both magazines and firearms.

According to local news, the new regulation is to blame for the approximately 25 percent spike in gun sales in Bellevue and Covington. Gun store owners in Washington appeared to concur that the new law is the cause for the recent uptick in sales and excellent business.

Reports show the state law primarily applies to AR-15 rifles and pistols. However, some Washingtonians aren’t sure that the law, which takes effect on July 1, will actually improve gun safety. Some remarked that it wouldn’t dissuade criminals because they’ll still get what they want. A gun owner commented that the law simply prevents the public from being able to adequately protect themselves against those who do awful things regardless of the rules.

The rise in sales and the number of background checks on firearms in Washington are related. According to reports, the FBI and NCIS conducted nearly 64,000 background checks in February, up from 52,914 in January. This only takes into consideration the number of background checks made, not the number of firearms purchased.

Politicians should apply the laws already on the books if they’re truly worried about crime.
Why don’t they?