Greg Gutfeld Says Casting Based On Race Doesn’t Work

( Last week, one of the co-creators of the popular 90s sitcom “Friends” offered up a groveling mea culpa for creating a popular sitcom that lacked “diversity.”

Marta Kauffman begged for forgiveness for the lack of melanin among the cast of “Friends” and pledged a reparations payment of $4 million to establish an endowed chair in the African and African American Studies Department at her alma mater, Brandeis University.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Kauffman said she was embarrassed for not knowing better 25 years ago when she co-created “Friends.” She explained that the in-custody death of George Floyd in 2020 forced her to confront the sitcom’s lack of diversity, adding she “needed to course-correct.”

Is she saying George Floyd would still be alive if Chandler was black and Phoebe was Hispanic?

Kauffman claimed that it was her “internalized systemic racism” that caused her to create a TV show full of white people and since then, she has been “working really hard to become” an “ally” and an “anti-racist.”

“Friends” co-creator Kevin Bright, however, defended the show’s cast. Bright told the Hollywood Reporter that it would be insane to regret hiring the actors who made the show a success.

During Fox’s late-night show Gutfeld on Friday, host Greg Gutfeld offered his take on Marta Kauffman’s apology, describing it as “white guilt.”

In his opening monologue, Gutfeld said the idea of casting shows solely based on race “rarely works,” adding that is how America ended up with Kamala Harris.

Watch Gutfeld’s monologue HERE.