Greg Abbott Says Tech Giant Censorship Will Soon Be Illegal

( Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor of Texas, is leading the way in the fight against tech censorship now that President Donald Trump is out of the White House and President Joe Biden is cooperating with social media giants to censor conservatives and COVID-19 lockdown skeptics.

On Thursday, Governor Abbott revealed that he would be working with Senator Bryan Hughes Friday to discuss a proposed bill that would stop social media giants from censoring people with opinions they don’t support or agree with.

It comes after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced ground-breaking new legislation in February that would ban Amazon, YouTube, Apple, Facebook, Google, and other Big Tech platforms from either censoring content they don’t like or selling data collected from their users.

Abbott announced on Twitter that he was joining Senator Hughes in announcing the bill that would stop censorship, stating that too many social media sites “silence conservative speech and ideas and trample free speech.”

“It’s un-American, Un-Texas, & soon to be illegal,” he said.

Senate Bill 12 (SB12) would “help prohibit social media companies from censoring Texans based on the viewpoints they express.”

During a press conference, Abbott said that social media sites are “modern day public squares where information should be able to flow freely.”

Under Senate Bill 12, social media companies would also be banned from banning, blocking, or demonetizing users for engaging in speech that the owners of the social media platforms do not agree with. It would also apply to anybody who lies in, has social media followers in, or does business in Texas – meaning it could technically count for virtually all social media users in the United States.

Should the bill become law, anybody who feels that they have been wrongly banned from the platform will be able to file a claim in court, or the Texas Attorney general could bring a claim on the behalf of that person.

And should the social media companies fail to comply, Texas could find the social media companies daily penalties that are “sufficient to secure immediate compliance.”

A similar bill was put forward in 2019, winning Senate approval but failing to pass in the House.

And while Governor Abbott is feeling positive about the legislation, he faces an uphill battle to get it passed in a House and Senate controlled by the Democrats.