GOP Senators Block Opening Debate For Fake Democrat “Infrastructure”

( On Wednesday, Senate Republicans blocked an effort by far-left Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to begin debate on a massive $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill…that barely focuses on infrastructure at all.

Democrats needed 60 votes to proceed with debate on the legislation, and it didn’t go anywhere. The Senate blocked debate on the legislation in a 51-49 vote, meaning only one Republican caved to Democrat pressure and supported the extremist legislation that will plunge the United States into even more debt.

Most of the Republicans who worked on the “bipartisan” bill didn’t even vote to advance the legislation, with Senator Mitt Romney telling reporters that they would be ready for a vote by Monday, but that a number of outstanding issues needed to be resolved first. Another procedural vote will likely be held, with success this time, if those issues are resolved.

Democratic Majority Leader McConnell insisted that the bote was held on Wednesday after saying it was time to get moving, in the hope that the Senate could move on to an even bigger infrastructure package further down the line…and presumably before the 2022 midterm elections, when the Democrats are expected to lose their control of the House and possibly even the Senate.

McConnell said that Senators “should feel comfortable” in voting to advance the legislation, without explaining…why.

Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Republicans would not support the legislation, at least for now, and dismissed claims that blocking it now would block it permanently – as the legislation can simply be voted on again.

Some Democrats have accused Republicans of purposely slowing down the process, as Democrat President Joe Biden is still pushing Congress to pass a gigantic $3.5 trillion budget after this first package, which will focus on climate change and a number of far-left policy initiatives.

If the Republicans are purposely holding up the legislation…then it sounds like they’re doing it for good reason.