GOP RINO Nikki Haley Joins Democrats In Calling For Olympic Boycott Just Like Jimmy Carter Did

( Yet another prominent politician has expressed her opinion that the United States should boycott the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics, which are scheduled to happen in Beijing starting in February.

On Tuesday, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and former Republican governor of South Carolina, said she believes China shouldn’t get the glory and attention that comes with hosting the Olympic Games. She said this is especially true now, as the Communist country continues to stand in the way of investigators who are looking into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

Haley event went as far as suggesting that President Joe Biden should have Linda Thomas Greenfield, who’s serving as the current U.N. ambassador, demand a meeting of the UN Security Council. At that meeting, Greenfield should interrogate both the World Health Organization and China over “what they knew, when they knew it and how they knew it.”

She then turned to the Olympics, saying:

“We should absolutely boycott the Chinese Olympics. Other allies and friends should do it with us.

“[The U.S. should] go to Japan, go to India and all these other allies and say look, until we have full investigation of the lab, until we know what is in it, what precautions are being done to make sure nothing comes back out of that lab and until we know what China knew, when they knew it and what they did about it, we’re not going to support the Olympics.

“This is the time for leadership and action. This is not the time to just say ‘oh, well, that happened.’ 3.5 million people died.”

As Haley said, Canada has already called for a boycott of the China Olympic games. Australia is also pressing for a full probe into the Communist country and their role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Haley continued:

“You can’t trust China. They love to distract. That’s what they’re trying to do. The job of a U.N. ambassador is to raise the issues that the U.N. doesn’t want to raise. Right now, so many countries are furious over how many of their citizens have died from COVID. This is when the momentum is with us.”

Haley also said she was particularly worried that some government entities in the United States could have had some knowledge of the dealings of the Wuhan lab before the coronavirus truly broke out as a pandemic here.

She told Fox News:

“I think what is really important is Congress needs to go through and find out exactly what the National Institute of Health knew about the Wuhan lab, what they knew about any of the viruses that existed, if they funded anything and what they did about it.

“I think it’s extremely important that we know what our relationship was with that — if there was none, great — we need to know that for certain. We also need to know about what we fund.”