GOP Rep Claims Biden’s Bank Account Proves Corruption

On Saturday, House Oversight and Accountability Committee member Eric Burlison told Newsmax that new information suggesting President Joe Biden used aliases to connect with his son Hunter Biden’s businesses has sparked severe consideration of an impeachment investigation.

James Comer has been saying there was ample evidence that President Joe Biden spoke with his son Hunter Biden’s enterprises were using aliases, which the National Archives revealed.

The Missouri Republican said this while appearing on Newsmax’s Saturday Agenda: “The evidence has just been piling up.” The financial documents are correct, as far as we can tell.

Burlison asserts that the Biden administration has been shifting its position on critical allegations. The President has also denied discussing his business dealings with his son.

According to evidence from Devon Archer and others employed by Hunter Biden, the representative from Missouri said they now know it was a “blatant lie.” Burlison added that he may have had as many as 20 phone conversations with the business associates. He said this evidence was revealed by Devon Archer and others working with Hunter Biden. They now know that Hunter frequently put his father on speakerphone at these meetings.

Burlison said that the House of Representatives would have access to records that the Biden administration has not lately provided them within the case of an impeachment investigation.

Burlison said the Bidens’ associates’ financial documents have been subpoenaed. They then follow the money as it flows from these business partners to the enterprises owned by the Biden family. We have also been monitoring funds transfers from the Biden family’s business partners.

Without the impeachment process of discovery, the investigators had a good idea that they wouldn’t be able to gain access to their bank accounts. But now that they have more proof and are investigating the possibility of impeachment, the Bidens cannot hide. The oversight committee feels access to the financial accounts will be how the onion of corruption will be peeled, layer by layer.

According to Burlison, there is enough proof to imprison Hunter Biden for his activities as a foreign agent.

If the scope of the schemes leads back to Joe Biden, so be it.

“No one is above the law.” – Joe Biden.