GOP Launches Probe Into Energy Sec. After Police Run-In

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Republicans are investigating Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s recent EV road trip, during which the public called the police for assistance.

In a letter sent to Granholm on Tuesday morning, James Comer, R-Ky., and Pat Fallon, R-Texas, said they were looking into the June road trip, which they claimed was intended to “boost the charade of the effectiveness of green energy.”

In their letter to Granholm, Comer and Fallon said, “This taxpayer-funded publicity stunt reveals yet again how out of touch the Biden Administration is with the repercussions of policies it has unleashed on average Americans.”

During her EV road trip from North Carolina to Tennessee, Energy Department employees allegedly utilized a gas-powered vehicle to block off an electric vehicle charger for Granholm outside a Walmart in Georgia.

The frustration of one family waiting in line because of a gas-powered vehicle drove them to contact the authorities.

According to a recording, a lady called 911 to complain that a non-electric car was taking up a place and stated they were holding the space for somebody else” at the Grovetown Walmart’s charging station.

The dispatcher told the woman a deputy would be sent to the scene. Even though police were called, no report was ever made. NPR, which accompanied Granholm on the trip, was the first to report the incident. Granholm’s staff planned the trip to highlight the “billions of dollars the White House is putting into green energy and clean cars,” as stated in the report.

The Georgia visit highlighted the ongoing logistical problems beset by non-petrol cars, which Granholm, President Biden, and Democratic-led states vigorously pursue. Granholm’s crew organized the route in advance to prepare for charging stops.

Granholm dodged responsibility for the tragedy when she said “poor judgment on the part of the team” was to blame during a House Science and Technology Committee hearing on September 14.

You and the Biden administration have been “determined to slander and destroy” the fossil fuel sector, but without it, “your fleet of EVs could not make the trip,” Comer and Fallon said in a letter posted online on Tuesday.