GOP Governor Signs Executive Order Targeting Critical Race Theory

( Following a trend among Republican-led states, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem last week signed an executive order barring the South Dakota Department of Education from applying for any federal grants tied to critical race theory.

In a statement on the executive order, Governor Noem called CRT un-American, saying that it seeks to divide Americans based on “inaccurate revisions to our nation’s history.”

Noem added that students should learn America’s “true history” through studying both America’s triumphs and its mistakes. By learning both, Noem explained, students can learn that America “remains the shining example of exceptionalism throughout the history of the world.”

The decision to sign this executive order came even after the US Department of Education removed all references to both the 1619 Project and race-obsessed “anti-racist” Ibram Kendi from their American History and Civics National Activities Grants because, as Noem explained, “the problems did not go away.” Despite the removal, Noem stated, the US Department of Education is still advocating critical race theory “in all but name.”

Invoking Mount Rushmore, Noem said that in South Dakota, “we take the study of American history seriously.” She added that “classrooms are meant for education, not indoctrination,” vowing that this is how South Dakota schools will continue to operate.

Legislators in South Dakota are expected to further address Critical Race Theory in the 2022 legislative session for the 2022 school year and beyond.

Currently there are eight states that have passed laws barring critical race theory from school curricula – Idaho, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Iowa, New Hampshire, Arizona and South Carolina. Twenty other states have either introduced legislation to address it or are in the process of introducing legislation.

The focus on Critical Race Theory could have implications beyond public schools, however. As similar race-based “training” and “instruction” has also become commonplace in corporations as well as within the Federal Government itself.

On his first day in office, President Biden revoked a Trump-era executive order that barred the use of Critical Race Theory training in government agencies.

Many believe that the Democrat Party’s full-throated embrace of this Marxist ideology may hurt them in the upcoming 2022 Midterm elections.