GOP Confident Court Expansion Will Backfire In Democrats’ Faces

( As Democrats continue to ponder their plans for packing the Supreme Court with radical-left justices, Republicans are confident that their plan is about to backfire spectacularly.

After then-candidate Joe Biden refused to answer whether he would pack the Supreme Court during the 2020 election season, House Democrats have come forward with extremist proposed legislation to add four more justices to the court, and President Biden has established a commission to explore ways in which he could change the court to introduce a far-left bias.

Last week, House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler stood in front of a podium that read “Expand the Court!” and claimed that his plan, under proposed legislation, was to “unpack” the court by adding justices.

When far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about the proposal, she replied by saying she was supportive of President Joe Biden’s commission to study proposals like it.

But Republicans appear confident that the American voters see right through the Democrats’ plans.

Florida Senator Rick Scott, a Republican, said last Friday that it would be “pretty easy” to get the Democrats on record about packing the court, and that when they attempt to pass legislation, Republicans will have the advantage when they offer amendments.

Scott also said that Republicans will flip several House seats in the 2022 midterms because of the Democrats’ mistakes.

“Whatever Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) tells them to do — I mean the Senate Democrats, all they do is: ‘Chuck what do you want us to do? We’ll vote that way,’” Senator Scott said. “I mean, look at the issues, these Democrats just don’t represent their states.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also weighed in during an interview on Sirius XM radio, saying that the Democrats were positioning themselves to lose control of the House in the midterms.

“Packing the court goes against everything we believe as Americans,” he said in a tweet accompanying a video of the radio interview.

“But make no mistake: this is about power and control,” he added. “Democrats want to dismantle our institutions, including the courts, to enact their socialist agenda.”

Former President Joe Biden purposely refused to admit that he was planning to pack the Supreme Court knowing that it’s an unpopular policy – so who knows just how badly this plan might backfire if the Democrats actually move ahead with it?