Google to Demonetize “Climate Deniers”

( Over the last year, a number of conservative commentators have warned that the censorship and restrictions put in place on social media regarding COVID would eventually be deployed to silence and restrict those who do not believe in the Climate Change cult.

And that is exactly what is beginning to happen.

Last week, Google’s YouTube announced that it would be taking action to stop “climate change deniers” from spreading “misinformation” and demonetize any YouTube video creators, advertisers, and publishers that promote “false” climate change claims or spread “misinformation.”

In a blog post on Thursday, Google announced it was rolling out the new rules for YouTube that “will prohibit ads for, and monetization of, content that contradicts well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change.”

Anyone who says climate change is a hoax or denies that greenhouse gas emissions and human activity contribute to global warming will be in Google’s crosshairs. It doesn’t matter if the people on the video are climate scientists challenging the so-called “consensus,” Google won’t allow them to go against Climate dogma.

Google’s ad team claims that in recent years they have heard from “a growing number of our advertisers and publishing partners” who are upset that ads are running alongside or promoting “inaccurate claims about climate change.” The company claims that their advertisers don’t want their ads appearing next to content from “climate deniers” nor do publishes and creators want ads from those icky “climate deniers” appearing on their pages or videos.

So starting in November, Google will begin to enforce their new anti-science rules using automated tools and “human reviewers.”

This is just the beginning of course.

Eventually, other social media platforms will also bar public debate on Climate Change in exactly the same way they have barred public debate on vaccine side effects, alternative COVID treatments, natural immunity, and the origins of COVID-19.

The corporate news media will kick up the fearmongering and hysteria over “Climate Change” in exactly the same way they did for COVID.

Science thrives on healthy debate and skepticism.

But the Climate Change cult, like the COVID cultists, do not want debate and recoil from skepticism like a vampire from a cross. Because neither has ever cared about science.