Glenn Youngkin’s Brilliant Ad Hammered McAuliffe

( It was clear early on in the Virginia governor’s race that Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s campaign strategy was Trump, Trump, and nothing but Trump.

Yeah. It didn’t work.

Despite McAuliffe’s tireless efforts to smear Glenn Youngkin as a Trump clone who is just like the “insurrectionists” who “attacked” the Capitol to “overthrow our democracy,” Virginia voters weren’t fooled. And in a stunning turn of events, Glenn Youngkin defeated McAuliffe handily Tuesday night.

But Youngkin wasn’t the only Republican to prevail. Republican Winsome Sears became the first black woman to win statewide office in Virginia when she was elected Tuesday as Lt. Governor. And it looks as though Republican Jason Miyares will defeat incumbent Attorney General Mark Herring, which would make him the first Latino to hold statewide office in Virginia.

But, sure. It was all about Trump and the “white supremacist” “insurrectionists.”

In the closing days of the race, Glenn Youngkin released a campaign ad hammering McAuliffe for claiming he hadn’t spent too much time talking about Trump.

The ad was genius, and oddly hypnotic. It also made it abundantly clear that McAuliffe had Trump on the brain:

But here’s the thing.

Virginia was the Democrat Party’s test case for the midterms.

Make no mistake about it, the Democrat Party plans to make 2022 all about Trump. What McAuliffe did in Virginia is exactly what Democrats intend to do next year.

And given how disastrously it failed, the Democrats are likely panicking.

Trump and January 6 are the only things they have to run on. Democrats can’t run on their record. They can’t run on their agenda. Trump was the, pardon the expression, trump card for these guys.

Wednesday morning, Democrats woke up to discover that shrieking about Trump is not a winning strategy.

Sure, they’ll probably blame Tuesday’s defeat on McAuliffe. They’ll say he ran a bad race, made too many gaffes, and blew a certain win in a deep blue state.

But this isn’t all on McAuliffe. Every big-name Democrat who came to Virginia to drag his carcass over the finish line made it all about Trump too. Joe Biden mentioned Donald Trump’s name two dozen times while stumping for McAuliffe. That’s how certain the Democrats were that campaigning on Trump, Trump, and more Trump would be a winning strategy.

If they don’t figure out a different strategy, 2022 will be a bloodbath.