Glenn Beck Slams Reports That He Was Charging For Evacuation Flights

( Glenn Beck is not just a conservative radio host, but a charity worker whose own Nazarene Fund spent huge sums of money assisting Americans and Christians in leaving Afghanistan following the takeover of the Taliban. However, Beck became the target of left-wing extremists and smears after announcing his plans for the Nazarene Fund, and hit out this week at a nonprofit organization that accused him of rescinding an offer to help.

“Veteran Sheepdogs of America” claimed earlier this week that Beck’s charitable group committed and then quickly decommitted $600,000 to help them organize a flight to evacuate dogs from Afghanistan. The tweet claimed that the State Department was aware of the situation and was “NOT HAPPY.”

It quickly went viral, with over 1,000 likes in less than 12 hours, but it was soon deleted by the organization – hence why we have not provided a link to the post in this piece.

Beck responded to the grotesque claim during his Tuesday radio show and revealed that his Nazarene Fund never pledged to help the organization, and that any such pledge would never have been made because it didn’t meet the requirements of a nonprofit.

In the radio show, which you can listen to hear, he said that he immediately spoke to the COO and CEO of the Nazarene Fund and asked what happened, and discovered that nobody in the organization knew what they were talking about. He added that it “smells like bullcrap.”

“Let me reassure you now: This is not true. Not true,” he said, before adding that it appears as though the organization had reached out to his fund about their plans. He added that the Nazarene Fund would have been happy to provide a flight, but the organization that made the accusation against him couldn’t provide any clearance or proof into Kabul.

What is the motivation behind blatant lies like this?

Presumably the hope that the media will promote the story without doing their due diligence.