Girl Booted From Team USA For “Fat-Shaming” Overweight Boy

( There was a team when being healthy and in shape was a positive thing, but these days, you can have your life ruined if you dare suggest that people should have healthier lifestyles.

Reports revealed recently how Jessica Maiolo, a fitness trainer and a Team USA Paintball player, was kicked off her team after she was accused of “fat shaming” a teenager who was hospitalized for COVID-19.

Maiolo wasn’t exactly polite in how she worded it, but her sentiment was true – people who are overweight are statistically more likely to struggle with COVID-19 symptoms.

She reportedly said that 17-year-old David Espino of Florida, who was also a high school football player, should spent more time on a “f*cking treadmill” than taking a vaccine.

Naturally, she received a pretty substantial backlash from the woke crowd, who messaged the team incessantly until the team was forced to respond.

Who is more hateful – the person who said someone needs to exercise more, or the people who harassed her team until they were forced to respond?

On Monday, Team USA Paintball responded to the overhyped controversy by stating that Maiolo had been suspended pending an investigation. However, they did say that they respect the rights of individuals to have their own opinions and express them in a way they believe appropriate.

It sounded at first that she wasn’t going to be kicked off the team, but less than a day later, the team revealed that she had been removed. Their investigation, they said, found that she had engaged in “troubling conduct” and that she will be “indefinitely” removed from the team.

In her own statement, published on Instagram, Maiolo said that she never intended to “shame” any individual. She added that she was expressing a personal opinion about something she feels passionately about, and that it became a “moment of regret” when she realized the situation she put her teammates and sponsors in.

While she added that she would carefully consider how her opinions may affect others in the future, she didn’t backtrack.

Because…well…she was hardly wrong, was she?