Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock Attacks “White Christians Of Alabama”

( Georgia Senate candidate Reverend Raphael Warnock has a second Twitter account, and the messages he once posted on it are quite disturbing.

Warnock, a Democrat who is facing off against Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler in January’s run-off election, once bashed “white Christians of Alabama” on his second, unverified Twitter account.

The messages in question came one day before the 2017 special election in Alabama that included Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones. On December 11, 2017, Warnock’s second Twitter account posted a message that read:

“The average atheist has more virtue than the white Christians of Alabama. #RoyMoore”

That message can no longer be viewed on that Twitter account, but it does appear in archived Internet searches.

Ahead of the race with Jones, Moore was accused of sexual misconduct with women who were underage. Those allegations derailed his campaign completely and were a major reason why he lost to Jones. The election was close, though, as Jones won be less than 2%.

Exit polling for that election did indicate that “white evangelical or white born-again Christians” were heavily in favor of Moore.

The second unverified Twitter account that Warnock maintains has only 6,000 followers compared to the 53,4000 he has on his main verified account. Still, there are plenty of archived content that proves that Warnock does indeed own that second account, which he has been actively operating since 2011.

In addition to posting information, photos and messages related to Warnock and his dealings, other groups that have been affiliated with him have tagged that account in past messages. Those groups include the Martin Luther King Sr. Community Resources Collaborative and the Auburn Seminary, the latter of which shares the feed of that account on its own website.

These racist remarks from Warnock are just the latest controversial statements from his past that are coming up as the special election is a little more than a week away.

In 2014, Warnock wrote a book that praised Marxism, which is a political philosophy named after Karl Marx, the author of the “Communist Manifesto.” That 2014 book, called “The Divided Mind,” praised Marxism while attacking Gary Marx. The book reads, in part:

“To be sure, the Marxist critique has much to teach the black church. Indeed, it has played an important role in the maturation of black theology as an intellectual discipline, deepened black theology’s apprehension of the interconnectivity of racial and class oppression and provided critical tools for a black church that has yet to awaken to a substantive third world consciousness.

“Yet, Gary Marx’s analysis is flawed by a paternalistic bias with respect to faith, culture and experience that trivializes black struggle against the obduracy of white capitalistic forces and lumps all forms of black denominational and sectarian identity together in an undifferentiated way that hardly makes it possible for those who are its subjects to see themselves in the discussion.”

Other associates of Warnock’s have also been under heat in recent days for their misdealings.