George Soros’ Dark Money Scheme Exposed After Investigation

( Remember when the Democrats were saying it was bigoted or anti-Semitic to point out that billionaire financier George Soros was funding Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots last year?

Well, they better like humble pie – because they’re about to eat a lot of it.

A new report from The Daily Mail revealed how George Soros gave a massive $3 million last year to a “dark money” organization that then handed out the cash to various extreme left-wing organizations connected to the violent riots and arson campaigns seen throughout the summer.

The Foundation to Promote Open Society, one of the two biggest foundations run by Soros’ Open Society Foundations, gave $3 million in 2020 to a group known as the Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountability (CRH).

Isn’t it funny how they give these organizations such nice-sounding names…only for them to go on to donate massive sums of money to some of the most extreme political organizations in existence?

According to the report, the Soros foundation paid the money to CRH through the New Venture Fund, which is the biggest of four funds that are managed by Arabella Advisors. The funds generated a total of $1.6 billion in donations last year, according to tax documents.

A total of $975 million was generated last year alone by the New Venture Fund, which constituted a 111% increase compared to the year before. Even during a global pandemic, far-left dark money groups raised more money than ever.

Soros has long pitched that these donations are made to repair the criminal justice system, but the money ended up being used by organizations that supported the goals of Black Lives Matter – an avowed Marxist organization that has promised to destroy the family unit.

Black Lives Matter rioters caused an estimated $2 billion worth of damage last year alone, and burned down most of Kenosha, Wisconsin’s Black business district.

Democrats say it’s anti-Semitic to point this out, but who cares if George Soros is Jewish?

People care that he’s funding extremists.