General Hospital Star Reveals Why He Left Show: “About Personal Freedom”

( More and more celebrities are finding their voice and coming out against the totalitarianism and authoritarianism of the Biden administration, and the latest famous name to slam the White House’s vaccine mandate is Steve Burton of “General Hospital.”

Burton just confirmed that he has been removed from the popular TV show, where he has been a staple character of the show since 1992 because he refuses to comply with the unconstitutional and discriminatory COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

On an Instagram post, Burton said that he wanted his followers to hear the news from him personally.

“Unfortunately, ‘General Hospital’ has let me go because of the vaccine mandate,” he said.

Burton added that he had applied for the medical and religious exemptions, but was denied on both grounds. He said that it hurts, but the matter is one of “personal freedom.”

He might not have used the words “Joe” and “Biden,” but these results are only in place because of him.

Not only is Burton’s firing shocking to the many viewers of the show, but it’s made even more nonsensical by the fact that Burton already tested positive for the virus back in August. At the time, he said that he believed he had been exposed to the virus while at work.

So, if he’s already had the virus and he now has natural immunity, why would he need a vaccine that is less effective than natural immunity?

Last Tuesday, Burton came out and said that he doesn’t believe people should lose their livelihoods over the vaccine, and that while he will always be grateful for his years working at General Hospital, he is excited to see what the future brings.

Let’s hope the rest of the industry isn’t quite so bigoted.