General Flynn Says New DHS Alert Equates Americans With Terrorists For Defying Government

( Gen. Michael Flynn this month penned an opinion piece for The Western Journal, describing how according to a new Department of Homeland Security Alert, Americans are now considered potential terrorists if they oppose lies being disseminated by the White House.

He said that the fact that the United States Constitution has lasted for 234 years, as of September 17 this year, is a “remarkable feat” – but that he is fearful that Constitutional protections are slowly being stripped away from Americans.

Flynn, the former United States Army lieutenant general and the 25th United States national Security Adviser for President Donald Trump, said that as he travels the country he is regularly asked how long he thinks it will be until Constitutional protections are lost.

He said that one of his friends went as far as suggesting that any criticism of the Biden administration will be considered hate speech, and that if you disagree with their policies, you may be considered a domestic terrorist.

“My friend wasn’t exaggerating,” he said, before describing how this month the Department of Homeland Security issued new guidance and a terrorism alert message that didn’t say anything about Islamic extremism but instead focused on President Biden’s political opponents.

Coming from General Flynn, who has been a victim of the deep state after being set up by the FBI during the hoax investigation into alleged dealings with Russia by the Trump administration – which was proven to never have happened – this is a terrifying warning.

He described how the new DHS guidance warns that extremists might be seeking to exploit the arrival of new COVID-9 variants by reframing the “potential re-establishment of public health restrictions” as a reason to “conduct attacks.” It suggests that the federal government could be preparing to implement new lockdowns and that the government is already framing people who oppose them as terrorists.

Flynn said that small businesses who managed to survive the first round of lockdowns could soon be deemed a terrorist if they oppose a fresh round of lockdowns.

What has happened to the world?

You can read the full and shocking piece by Flynn here.