Gavin Newsom Attacks Fox News For Being Too Ruthless

( There is an information war in the political media world, and Gavin Newsom says that the Democratic party is getting “crushed” by “ruthless” Fox News prime-time hosts.

This weekend, the Governor of California commented on the Texas Tribune Festival. He used his father-in-law as an example of someone he has a lot of respect for but is often confused about conservative stories, which he said resulted from watching Fox News in the evening. Part of Newsom’s speech was shown on CNN’s New Day on Monday morning for discussion.

Newsom said of the Fox prime time lineup, ‘these guys are very cruel and ruthless.’ He said they control the story, which is the most essential thing in American politics. He said they rule through deception.

The married panelists Margaret Hoover and John Avlon agreed with the claim that the most-watched network cares more about stories than facts. This claim implies that the most-watched cable news hosts always lie.

Erica Hill said after watching the clip that this has been a weakness for Democrats.

“When it comes to messaging in terms of getting crushed, this has been an Achilles heel for Democrats in terms of having a united message across the party.”

This may come as a surprise to conservatives who have watched for years as stories about Russian interference never added up to anything but breathless media analysis.


“I don’t think it’s true that Democrats don’t have a story,” Hoover said. She noted that they are currently in charge of the White House and the Senate. But the moderate Republican finally got to what she thought was the real issue: how Donald Trump changed the way people talked about politics.

Avlon, who used to write speeches for Rudy Giuliani when he was mayor of New York, agreed with his wife and warned about the dangers of the “feedback loop” in the political media.

He said Newsom is correct when he claims that Democrats want a fighter now. He points out how Republicans tend to present a coherent narrative that forces Democrats to defend themselves by pointing out all the lies.

Before ultimately agreeing with his wife, Avlon made a joke-

“I’m not a member of an organized political party,” said Will Rogers about a century ago. “I am a Democrat.”