Gas Prices Are Suddenly Falling

( President Joe Biden is trying to claim credit for gas prices falling in recent weeks, even though he and his administration has done little to actually move the needle in a positive direction.

In just the last week, the average price of one gallon of regular gasoline dropped 10 cents across the nation, from $4.84 to $4.74. In addition, 2.3% of all gas stations in the country have regular gas listed at less than $4. While that’s a very small number, obviously, it’s a stark improvement from the 0.5% of stations that were doing so only a week before.

The recent big dip in gas prices follows a trend that’s been happening over the last few weeks. And while Biden is trying to claim credit for this, the fact is that average prices are nearly twice as high now as they were before Biden entered the White House.

The American Automobile Association’s national manager for federal affairs, Devin Gladden, explained some reasons why gas prices have been falling recently. He said:

“One, we’ve seen oil prices decline. … They’re still elevated, but we’ve seen them break below $100 per barrel. We’ve also seen gas demand weaken a bit, an so those two forces have helped to put pressure on prices. And as those trends continue, we’re likely to see prices continue to decline.”

In other words, two of the main reasons why gas prices have declined recently are completely out of Biden’s control. The first is the overall cost of a barrel of oil. The other is the fact that Americans have simply slowed down on how much they’ve driven recently, at least partly due to the fact that gas is so expensive.

Some of the normal trips Americans would have made, they’re simply not making now to save some money at the pump.

Even though those are clearly two of the biggest reasons why gas prices have dropped, Biden tried to claim at least partial credit for it. Recently he said:

“Gas prices are still way too high and have fallen 25 days in a row. And this week, we saw the second-largest single-day decrease in gas prices in a decade.”

While he said there’s still much work to be done on gas prices, Biden said his administration is “making significant progress.” Overall, he said he believes his economic “program is working.”

Biden and the Democrats are grasping at straws for victories, no matter how small or made-up they are. And it’s hard to blame them. With the midterm elections drawing closer every day, liberals are staring down at the very real possibility that they will lose control of both chambers of Congress.

If that were to happen, it would all but doom any progress Biden was hoping to make in the last two years of his first term in the White House. It may also make his re-election bid in 2024 even tougher than it already likely will be.