Freedom Caucus Investigating Nancy Pelosi To See If She Consulted CDC

( After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic Congressional colleagues refused to support a resolution by House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy to update House guidance on mask wearing, the leader of the House Freedom Caucus has called on the head of the Centers for Disease Control to reveal whether Pelosi consulted the public health body on the decision.

Rep. McCarthy put forward the resolution this month in the wake of new guidance from the CDC which said that Americans who have received the vaccine can go about their business both indoors and outdoors without wearing masks. Despite this, Pelosi refused to allow members of the House to choose to take their masks off while on the House floor.

Rep. Andy Biggs, a Republican from Arizona, published a letter to Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the CC, asking if Pelosi or the Capitol physician consulting with them prior to her decision to extend the House mask mandate on May 14, a day after the CDC issued the new guidance.

Biggs said that it is “imperative that the American people know that their elected leaders” are making policy decisions “based on the evidence” and not on what is in their own political interests.

On May 13, the CDC said that masks are not necessary for most vaccinated people in most scenarios. It was compelling enough that even the White House chose to lift its own mask requirement – something Speaker Pelosi very clearly enjoyed, having attended an event at the White House shortly after where she was seen hugging, palling around, and laughing with her colleagues without wearing a mask.

The CDC has not responded to any media requests for comment about Pelosi’s decision to extend the mask mandate, and her refusal to “follow the science.”