Freed Hostages Detail Horrific Experience With Hamas

Over the last several months in the fall of 2023, things have taken a drastic turn for the worst in terms of international affairs. Entering the 2023 election cycle, many Democrats and progressive allies and activists on the left wing of the political spectrum had been quite worried about their party’s chances for victory during the several meaningful state election cycles in regions across the country. Indeed, things have not gone well for the United States and the Democratic party since January of 2021. Millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation since the commencement of the 2021 calendar year and the reversal of policies implemented at the southern border by the former president Donald Trump.

Despite these worries, the party did surprisingly well in state elections in New Jersey and Virginia where they had been weakened two years prior. The truth of the matter is that Republicans do not seem to be capable of offering appealing alternatives to the horrid governing strategies of the Democrats. Despite the incompetence of the GOP at every level, Democrats do still remain vulnerable approaching 2024 and the presidential election. The sitting president Joe Biden remains wildly unpopular and America is now involved in two wars in Europe and the middle east. In early fall, Muslim terrorists’ part of the group Hamas invaded Israel, murdering over 1,000 innocent civilians.

Recently, a temporary “cease fire” agreement was reached between Israel and Hamas. Israel had retaliated and invaded the Gaza strip following the October murders. In an article published by the New York post, several freed hostages that had been captured by Hamas in October and were recently released by them spoke out. The hostages had no contact with the outside world and had no idea what was going on following their capture. Many only learned that some of their family members were murdered during the attacks upon their release, horribly worsening their shockingly horrific ordeal.