FRANCES MARTEL: World Preparing For Chaos From Barack Obama Under Biden

( Mainstream media is psyched: Former President Barack Obama’s America is soon to be here yet again under Democrat Joe Biden.

It’s not just remarks that Biden — who served as Obama’s vice president — has made in public; it’s also through the announced nominations he has made to various important roles in his upcoming administration.

Even many of the U.S.’ allies, and even some of its enemies, around the world are saying they expect the “state of global affairs” to return fully to how they were before President Donald Trump took office in 2016.

Frances Martel, a write for Breitbart, explained exactly what this means for foreign affairs under Biden:

“The Obama administration’s foreign policy was defined by the tension between the president’s message, repeated routinely over the years, that America’s involvement in geopolitics made the world worse, and his regular, violent interventions abroad. His apologetic words — ‘America has shown arrogance’ to its neighbors, ‘We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect’ — clashed dramatically with his routine drone strikes on civilian targets, the invasion of Libya, and the widespread arming of Syrian ‘rebels’ that ended up handing those weapons to jihadists.”

What this resulted in, Martel wrote, was “widespread death and chaos.” The shining example of that was the beginning of the “Arab Spring” under Obama. It started with a merchant from Tunisia setting himself on fire. It resulted in the country electing — and removing by violence — a Muslim Brotherhood extremist in Egypt, slave auctions that took place in open air in Libya, and the rise of the Islamic State in both Syria and Iraq.

Many adversarial countries did well under Obama. As Martel writes:

“American enemies like China, Russia (which annexed a giant chunk of Ukraine with impunity), and Iran expanded their global influence. Allies that could have played a role in mitigating the advance of American rivals were told to ‘share the neighborhood’ or otherwise snubbed. Taken by surprise during Obama’s term, it appears that at least Saudi Arabia, Japan, Taiwan and India are preparing for a third Obama term.”

Once Biden was declared the victor of the presidential election, Saudi Arabia wasted no time warning of what could be ahead. If Iran ended up acquiring a nuclear weapon because of Biden’s policies, Saudi Arabia said it’d immediately launch a nuclear program of its own.

Adel al-Jubeir, the minister of state for foreign affairs for Saudi Arabia, said that was “definitely an option” with Biden soon to be in office. He said so similarly in the past. In 2018, after President Trump withdrew America from the Iran nuclear deal, al-Jubeir said:

“If Iran acquires nuclear capability, we will do everything we can to do the same.”

In preparation for what might come under a Biden administration, Saudi Arabian officials have already begun to mend fences with Turkey and Qatar. The Saudis felt they could rely on the U.S. under Trump to support them against extremists in the region.

But under a Biden administration, these officials — and others from similar countries — are not so sure.