Fox News Tries To Hurt Robert Kennedy Jr By Claiming He Takes Trump’s Votes

A Fox News contributor this week suggested that Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had been drawing support away from not just Joe Biden but also from Republican candidate Donald Trump, but now that RFK’s “left-leaning” positions are in the open, that will change, Mediaite reported.

During Tuesday’s Fox & Friends, host Rachel Campos-Duffy criticized Kennedy for portraying himself as a working-class champion when in reality he is “the ultimate nepo-baby” (AKA a child of nepotism).

Campos-Duffy argued that many of the issues Kennedy supports are popular among the elites, including his radical environmental positions. She explained that this has a lot to do with “where he came from.”

She said Kennedy can’t be a pro-working-class candidate while being “very anti-fossil fuels.” She said a pro-worker candidate cares about US energy independence and keeping energy prices affordable.

Guest host Joey Jones suggested that Kennedy may have been as much of a threat to Trump as he is to Biden, “siphoning” some of Trump’s populist support away from him. But in recent days, Kennedy has been more open about his “left-leaning” positions and “radical views.”

Jones explained that he had been hearing from people on social media and in real life who were saying that if the race was between Biden or Kennedy, they would support RFK Jr. He added that a lot of people had been saying that they were also starting to move away from Trump toward Kennedy.

Campos-Duffy suggested that this would change once those people “get more information” about Kennedy.

Jones agreed, explaining that this was what he was trying to say. He said now that Kennedy has been revealing his more radical positions, a lot of the people who were gravitating toward him may start to “eat some crow.”