Fox News Star Reveals He’s Lost Friends Because He Defended Trump

( Greg Gutfeld, Fox News’ popular hunorist, commentator and host of “Gutfeld!”, recently spoke to former President Donald Trump in a sit-down interview. The widely-watched interview showed the former president looking noticeably slimmer and healthier than he did just a handful of months ago.

Gutfeld asked a wide range of questions on a number of topics, and noted how he had lost friends for defending the former president in the past. Which is not so surprising for a TV host with celebrity friends…supporting Trump is not the popular thing to do among celebs.

The Fox News host even admitted that he was previously very critical of the former president, but said that there was an “irrational” response to him and his policies, too.

That’s what happens when a president enters politics, disrupts the entire system, and reveals the political elite as cockroaches who consume public money without ever making it on their own in private industry

Cough…Joe Biden…cough…

Some leftists got pretty angry about this interview and Gutfeld’s admission that there was an irrational response to the former Republican president. At one point, he also asked whether he could offer any advice to his wife who is yet to take the vaccine, and leftists went crazy with how Trump responded.

In the clip below, you’ll see Trump saying that he recommends she take it, but that if she doesn’t want to, then that’s her right.

Meanwhile, Biden is forcing more than 80 million Americans to take the vaccine or lose their jobs. And they called Trump a tyrant?

You can watch the full, light-hearted interview here.

It’s nice to see the former president cheerful again, and his improving health and image could be a sign that he truly is preparing to run again in 2024.