Fox News Star Reads Threats Aloud On Air After He Almost Died In Hospital

( On Monday, Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto returned to our screens after spending weeks fighting a COVID-19 infection. Cavuto got a particularly severe case of COVID that resulted in him needing hospital care.

But instead of being wished well, Cavuto faced an onslaught of threats, mockery, and more.

“I did get COVID again, but a far, far more serious strand,” he said on his Fox Business Network show. “What doctors call COVID pneumonia, it landed me in intensive care for quite a while and it really was touch and go.”

Cavuto, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is therefore considered immunocompromised, has also survived cancer. He told his viewers that he believes that if he had not taken the COVID-19 vaccine, then he wouldn’t have survived the infection.

His comments underscore the fact that the vaccine, while it doesn’t prevent infection, may provide some level of protection for people who are immunocompromised and don’t want to suffer serious side effects when contracting the virus.

During the show, he also read out some of the disgusting threats he received while he was in the hospital.

“Dead or alive, as long as he isn’t on my TV, it’s a good day,” one comment from a social media called Janice said.

“Bummer, Cavuto is back. Time to change the channel. He should have just kept his subs as they are so much better,” another user said.

But Cavuto took it in good spirits, joking and also reading some of the well-wishes he received during his stay in hospital.

What kind of maniac threatens or insults a man in hospital just because they disagree with his perceived political views?

Watch the segment here.