Fox News Reporter Slams Rumor That Fox Colluded With Governor Over Martha’s Vineyard

( During last week’s “Media Buzz,” Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins disputed the leftist media’s accusation that Fox had coordinated with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to be on hand to film the illegal aliens Texas dropped off outside of the Naval Observatory, Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence.

“Media Buzz” host Howard Kurtz started the segment with the Fox coverage showing the illegals being dropped off both at the Naval Observatory in Washington and at Martha’s Vineyard.

Kurtz then asked Jenkins about the “critics” who accused Fox of “collusion.”

Jenkins called the claim “ridiculous,” adding that Fox didn’t coordinate with Governor Abbott, nor would they. He explained that his team didn’t have many details in advance and the accusation “holds no water.”

When Kurtz asked Jenkins about President Biden’s claim that Republican governors are “playing politics with human beings,” Jenkins pointed out that he’s been covering the border for years to shed light on the ongoing crisis. He said the Republican governors are only trying to drive the message home.

Jenkins cited the crisis in Del Rio, a city with a population of only 35,000 people that had 50,000 illegals arrive in July alone. He also pointed out that the Democrat-led city of El Paso has sent 50 buses with nearly 2,000 illegals to New York without any criticism in the media. But 50 illegals get flown to affluent Martha’s Vineyard “and the tiny island paradise is brought to its knees? There’s a double standard there.”

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