Fox News Poll Shows GOP Official In Striking Distance In Virginia

( Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat’s candidate in the Virginia gubernatorial race, only holds a slim lead over Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin – suggesting that the November 2 race could prove to be a surprise for the Democrats in just a couple of weeks.

According to a Fox News poll of likely Virginia voters, McAuliffe has around 51% of support while Republican Youngkin had 46%. Some 3% of voters said that they were undecided, putting the two candidates neck and neck.

The survey found that most respondents believe that the economy is the primary concern for them in the election and will be the biggest factor in determining who they vote for on November 2. The second and third-most important issues are COVID-19 and healthcare.

Pollsters used the opportunity to ask the people of Virginia their perspective on other pressing political matters and discovered how some 71% of people believe that schools should require both teachers and students to wear masks. It also showed how 66% of people believe that schools should require teachers to be vaccinated.

And looking at those numbers, it’s honestly some kind of miracle that the Republican candidate is so close to the Democratic candidate.

If a substantial majority of Virginia residents believe in forcing people to wear masks when they aren’t at risk of contracting the disease or experiencing serious symptoms, then why aren’t they siding with the Democrats?

As we come to the end of the race, McAuliffe is expected to bring in big names into the state to help his campaign. Last Tuesday he revealed that wildly unpopular President Joe Biden would be coming to the state to help him campaign, which he seems to think might help him.

You never know, Youngkin could pull off a surprise victory if President Biden does turn out to help McAuliffe.