Fox News Owners Reportedly Mad At Tucker Carlson

( According to a Washington Post article last week, the trailer for Tucker Carlson’s November documentary series “Patriot Purge” didn’t just prompt outrage from former longtime Fox News contributors Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes. Lachlan Murdoch, the chief executive of the network’s parent company Fox Corp wasn’t happy about it either.

The Post reported that “people” who spoke to Murdoch at the time said he was “troubled” by what the Post describes as “the incendiary trailer for the series.” But the documentary aired anyway, which the Washington Post concluded was evidence of Carlson’s “untouchability inside Fox.”

Of course, this nugget is quickly followed by a statement from Lachlan Murdoch’s spokesman Brian Nick who said if Murdoch has any concerns about Fox News, he doesn’t address them through the media, but “internally with the team.”

In other words, the “people” who spoke to Murdoch were making a mountain out of a molehill. Tucker Carlson’s documentary didn’t get yanked. It ran as scheduled and continues to be available at the network’s streaming service, Fox Nation.

The Washington Post article headlined, “A year ago, Fox News considered a breakup with Trump. 2021 changed those plans” is primarily addressing the lawsuits Fox News is “grappling with” thanks to its “alignment” with Donald Trump.

The lawsuits, filed by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic Corp, are alleging Fox News defamed them by permitting Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell to air their claims of election fraud against the companies.

Two weeks ago, the judge in the Dominion case rejected Fox News’ motion to dismiss and ordered the lawsuit forward. Fox has called the lawsuit “baseless” arguing that it is an “all-out assault on the First Amendment.” The cable news giant defended its reporting saying they “vigorously covered the breaking news surrounding the unprecedented 2020 election.”

The Post also tries to link the departure of longtime Fox host Chris Wallace to Fox News’ alleged troubles. But it does concede that Fox insiders don’t think Wallace leaving the network will have any impact on its audience, noting that Bret Baier’s first interview hosting Wallace’s show “Fox News Sunday,” prompted the biggest news story of last week when West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced that he wouldn’t support Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan.