Fox News Host’s Husband Arrested By Police

( Astonishing viewers, FOX News anchor Julie Banderas recently announced her divorce from her husband live on air after they had been married for over a decade.

Julie Banderas, a Fox News host, had her soon-to-be ex-husband arrested in December after he reportedly placed a steak knife to her neck.

Police reports acquired by The Daily Mail UK indicate that during an altercation last year at the couple’s house in the Hamptons, Andrew Sansone brandished a knife and threatened to kill his wife.

A report shows Banderas wed Sansone in New York City in 2009.  The pair has three kids and two dogs together.

Sansone’s  LinkedIn profile reveals he is the president and founder of Old Rock Media and Big Apple Channel, in addition to his role as a financial adviser at Allied Wealth Partners.

The couple had been bickering about money and the impending divorce all day, the police report said. Sansone, 55, allegedly became angry with Banderas later in the evening when she ate some of the mashed potatoes he cooked for their three children.

The victim, identified as Banderas, said that Sansone took a knife and pointed the blade at her neck. She said she feared for her life, as stated in the police report.  Banderas notified the police five days after the event.

According to the report,  their kids were in another room of the home when it happened.

Police found and detained Sansone on suspicion of threatening and criminal firearm possession.

The report cited an anonymous source saying that the court issued a restraining order barring the husband from having contact with his wife. Sansone can still pick up the kids outside the home at the curb to spend time with them.

One week later, Banderas broke the news of her divorce on the Valentine’s Day episode of Fox News’ Gutfeld!

Banderas announced that she would go ahead and say it; she is getting a divorce.

The audience burst into cheers and applause.