Fox News Hosts Hold Back Tears During Emotional Segment

( An emotional report about the death of a bullied juvenile girl affected Fox News anchors, moving them to near tears.

Bullied by her peers at Central Regional High School in Bayville, New Jersey, fourteen-year-old Adriana Kuch took her own life on February 1. After she passed away, several students and parents spoke out against bullying and suicide at the school in an effort to get the administration to do something about it.

Co-host Kennedy Montgomery said the video was hard to watch.

Another host,  Emily Compagno,  said she couldn’t imagine how the parents must feel.

According to a local report, a video showing classmates hitting Kuch in the school corridor surfaced online. Michael, the girl’s father, claims that nothing was done despite his daughter complaining to school authorities on many occasions.

Dagen McDowell, a commentator on Fox Business, said they should all channel their grief into anger that no one in the school system had taken action.

According to news reports, the superintendent, who ultimately resigned, attempted to publicly blame the parents of the student who committed suicide. The acting superintendent said they knew the situation; it was just a communication breakdown.

McDowell remarked that she was bullied as a child but didn’t tell her parents about it. She believes bullying has worsened due to cyberbullying on social media platforms.

Montgomery said that her teenage daughter had been tormented and that the school had done nothing to stop it.  She argued that this was representative of the situation in American schools generally.  Every educational system should be ashamed of itself for producing victims.

Several more videos depicting acts of bullying at the high school have emerged.

The mother of one girl said that she had to enroll her daughter in a school outside of their district.

Another parent has come forward to say that her son, who was a student there four years ago, was severely abused by another student, causing him to suffer permanent brain damage and several broken bones.